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Electronic Arts, one of the largest game businesses in North America, will extend its Canadian headquarters in Vancouver to two more buildings. Motion capture studios, coffee shops, fitness gyms, and a full-size soccer field will be available to developers in this facility. 

Canadian headquarters of California-based Electronic Arts (EA), the second-largest video gaming company by revenue in the Americas and Europe. The building will accommodate up to 600 employees. The massive design-build project in partnership with Canadian Turner Construction Company. Local architectural firm Dialog designed the structures

The project will include a 180,000 sq ft, three-storey building and a 120,000 sq ft, three-storey building, adding a combined total of 300,000 sq ft of Class A office space. These buildings will have large floor plates of up to 61,000 sq ft for the west building and 41,000 sq ft for the east building. Large central atriums puncture the core of both buildings to provide daylight.

A skybridge over Sanderson Way will serve to provide EA employees in the north campus with a seamless connection to the existing main campus buildings to the south




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